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Plantar Fasciitis a common foot complaint

Do your feet hurt when you walk?

Walking is a very underrated physical activity nowadays. It is interesting to know how many scientific studies show that walking improves both your physical and mental health, and can even make you live longer. 

People usually forget about things they get used to. Everyday activities and actions quickly fade into the background of our lives and we do not become aware of them until something is wrong. Walking is one of those things. We do it all the time, even if we, as many people in cities and towns nowadays, spend most of our days sitting. Eventually, we stand up to go get something, or change places, or something else. Even if we, say, drive to our jobs, we need to walk all the way to the car to get inside it and then walk agan from the parking lot to our chairs upstairs. We walk every day for many purposes, and we are so used to doing so that we forget how important it is and how often we do it until something reminds us of it. In example, pain. Read More...


What our patients are saying

"I want to highlight the quality of Midwales Medical Group in their treatment of my foot pain. They were so quick and efficient. In the same day, they recommended me the right actions to take. I would recommend them to anyone who asks."
By By James Stanton

"Who could have said that a little piece of plastic inside your shoe would change your life? I couldn’t stand my foot pain, I just couldn’t. And it’s gone. Midwest Medical Group did it and I am still wondering how."
By Hector Rubens

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